Discount Car Store is Tampa's local destination for quality used cars and Guaranteed Credit Approval. We strive to provide our customers with an easy and laid back car buying experience and that starts with the promise that we can help everyone. Through our banks we can offer a promise of guaranteed credit approval that takes minutes, not hours. 

Rebuild or Establish your Credit: A well paid car loan is one of the easiest and fastest ways to rebuild or establish your credit. Unlike credit cards, secure loans such as car loans can have a significant impact on increasing your credit score. Approximately 75% of your FICO score can be impacted by paying a car loan well over time allowing what you drive back and forth to work to also help you rebuild or establish your creditworthiness. No one can “fix” or “repair” your credit score in an instant, but experts in the credit field do agree that well paid installment loans, such as car loans, show that those past bumps in the road are behind you. At Discount Car Store we have programs to help you rebuild or establish your credit simply by making your car payments on time. Remember, banks report all payments to the credit bureaus, good and bad. So it is important to use this opportunity to build your credit by paying on time. Ask us about other ways your car loan through one of our lenders can help you rebuild your credit.

Buy Here Pay Here Reality Check: Have you been led to believe that because you have less than perfect credit, past repossessions, or bankruptcies that the only dealerships that will finance you are Buy Here Pay Here lots? Don’t be so sure. Here at Discount Car Store we have multiple programs for any type of credit including programs that offer Guaranteed Credit Approval with reasonable down payments and minimal stipulations. If you have proof of income (a paycheck stub, bank statements, or even a job letter) we can get you an approval. Don’t invest your hard earned money in a Buy Here Pay Here lot. Invest it in your future!

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